Become a Location Independent Professional

As a location independent professional, I now know how important time and freedom are to a happy life. It is not the money we are after, but the freedom to do what we choose.

Luckily, technology has allowed more and more people to become location independent and quit their jobs to focus on more important things. Using the power of the web, we now have the ability to work anywhere you choose. We can even work in any way, shape, or form that you choose.

Why would anyone want to be stuck in a cubical starring at nothing Location independence but blank walls all day? Not only does time drag on, but you quickly realize your life consists of living on the weekends and that is it. Instead, you could be hanging out anywhere on the planet as long as you have an internet connection.
So what are the main perks to becoming a digital nomad? Here is a look at some of my favorites:


By far the most important thing in our life is time. We cannot buy more of it so we need to utilize what we have the best we can. So instead of spending the majority of it in a cubicle, becoming a digital nomad will let you enjoy somewhere else instead.

Another great thing about working remotely is being able to choose when you work. Not everyone enjoys working from 9 – 5 so this is a great lifestyle, especially for night owls like myself.
Having a time schedule that is flexible is also a huge perk. You no longer have to worry about missing important eve